5 Ways to add Herbs to your diet

Herbs are essential in your diet if you want to have a balanced well alkalized system. The human body needs to be at a 7.35 pH to be at its optimal health. By striving to maintain a balanced pH, you can ward off many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Who knew it was as simple as eating right to stay healthy? Well, Hippocrates did! He said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” And, guess what, he was right. Today doctors and scientists are more often seeking to change diet, than prescribe a pill or drug to combat disease. How much easier can it get. Just eat, and be healthy! One way to maintain a balanced body is to eat more antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich herbs. Another awesome side effect is that they increase your metabolism. Here are five ways to do it!

1. Check Your Options — When you’re at a party, it’s hard to turn down all that tempting food, but, if you must eat something, go for the spiciest component, or get into your purse and pull out a packet of red pepper flakes, or curry powder to add to your own plate. This will cause you to eat less, enjoy your food more, and add in some herbal support.

2. Eliminate Salt — Instead of adding salt, add other herbs and spices to your dish. You can sprinkle most herbs and spices directly on your food right at the table, with no cooking needed. Experiment with curry, cilantro, basil, red pepper, chili powders, and other herbs and spices to see what you prefer. You’ll find that you don’t even miss the salt!

3. Research Your Conditions — For instance, if you have diabetes, did you know that cinnamon has shown in medical studies that it can improve blood-glucose levels? All you need is two teaspoons a day, and within about six weeks you’ll see a marked difference in your need for insulin. Do check with your doctor! Cinnamon also has been shown to improve cholesterol levels, so do a little research to find out which herbs and spices can assist you with your health issue. Then add them in!

4. Take It Easy — OK, you don’t want to add EVERY herb to EVERY dish. If you use a strong herb, compliment it with a milder herb, but don’t go nuts adding say, chili powder and curry. Choose one, then balance it with a milder herb. Try just adding one thing at a time as you learn what tastes good to your pallet while eliminating other substances that aren’t as good for you such as table salt. Also remember that dried herbs have more flavor than fresh so you’ll use less when you use dried than when you have fresh. Of course, fresh is always best!

5. Grow Your Own — It’s not hard to grow your own herbs right inside your kitchen. There are many herb growing kits. When they’re ready to harvest you can do so right as you need it, while you’re cooking. Also you can store fresh herbs with the cut in a glass of water in the fridge for a couple of days before using it. You can also dry them yourself just like you would flowers from your child’s dance. Alternatively you can freeze them. Just take off the stems, wash and dry, and put in an airproof bag. Pop into the freezer. Having herbs on hand will cause you to use them more often.