Hello, I am Audrey Charlton!

My history with bone broth goes a long way back. I had some issues with my digestive system, and also Lyme disease. The antibiotics left my gut in bad condition. In my healing process, I was recommended to try bone broth, and that’s how I discovered it. I got to experience the miraculous healing benefits of bone broth firsthand. It interested me immensely, and I decided to spend some of my time researching it!

With a background in organic chemistry,  I often go to my local university library and look up the latest research on bone broth, and I wish to share that information and my experiences, tips, and info with my readers. I try to always include as many scientific citations as possible, so that readers can educate themselves, and read up on the research independently.

There is a lot of scientific research being done on bone broth and its ingredients. However, most of the time the articles revolves around more ‘miraculous’ claims. That’s fine, but I wish to add a more scientific grounding for people like me who demand some scientific evidence for claims!

I hope you enjoy my work, and get something useful out of it!